Popular Themes for Indian Weddings

In India, weddings are not limited to the bride and groom – it more about two families, traditions, customs and numerous rituals. People spend a lot of money in making wedding the most memorable and happening event of one’s life.

While Indian weddings have always been about traditions and rituals, the past few years have witnessed the dawn of a new change in the wedding arena. Today, Indian weddings are termed as the big fat events that have attracted people from all over the globe. The lavishness and grandeur of Indian weddings are simply ecstatic.

And the current trend is all about unique and thrilling theme based weddings. Over these years, theme based weddings have gained immense popularity in the country. Couples are extremely gung-ho over the vast range of themes, and many don’t even shy from experimenting with distinct wedding themes.

From fairy-tale weddings, to Bollywood-inspired ones, here is a list of some of the hottest and most happening Indian wedding themes.

indian wedding photo

The Royalty – Regal Affair

Regal theme is the most favorite as it exudes a sense of royalty. Amidst the various regal cultures, most people favor Rajasthan’s royal history. It is the rich and convoluted architecture of this princely state that has enthused wedding decorators to incorporate royal and vibrant wedding decor, an ideal blend of the classic and contemporary. The regal theme makes room for massive sets which transform the scene into a royal complex that replicates famous palaces of Rajasthan such as Lake Palace, Umaid Bhavan Palace and many others. Even the bride and groom are adorned with conventional Rajasthani garb. The music is also inspired by traditional beats and folk songs. It is indeed one colorful and vibrant theme that is simply majestic.

Peacock Theme

Peacock, the national bird, stands for eternal beauty and sophistication. Other than its beauty, the bird is even popular among wedding planners as the peacock theme is a big hit. Its shimmering plumage that comes in the hue of blue and green enhance the wedding theme while complementing any other shade combination which can be made a part of the wedding theme. People love the peacock theme weddings because of the vibrant colors, and classiness as reflected. Under this theme, it is mostly the invitation cards, wedding stage, jewelry boxes and other decorative items that are decked in the blue and green shade.

Bollywood Magic

Bollywood dance numbers and songs are a must for any Indian wedding. But nowadays, people even love organizing the entire wedding following a Bollywood theme. Wedding planners give a filmy twist to the wedding by introducing various themes based on different Bollywood genres and eras, where the retro era is the most loved. Cut-outs of Bollywood stars are also placed at the venue, and people even choose to dress like their favorite star or movie character.

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Floral Inspiration

Flowers have been an essential part of weddings. As expected, some weddings are even opting flowers as the theme for the wedding. They choose either one single flower or a color of it, or pick a blend of various types. The entire venue is decked up in the shades and shapes of flowers. The seats, tables, and other decors are decorated florally. Some people even choose to go for expensive flowers such as the orchids.

Fairytale Wedding

Another popular theme is the fairytale wedding where the bride and groom seek for an exceptional yet modern wedding theme where they get to relive their childhood memories. The best thing about these fairytale wedding themes is that each and everything that makes part of the decor, along with bridal apparel, incorporates striking color combinations and designs. Even the bridesmaids get to dress up as diverse fairies from exquisite fairy tales one grew up.

DIY & Eco-friendly

This happens to be the latest addition in terms of wedding themes. Nowadays, people love organizing the DIY weddings which stand to be very pastoral in nature, and pretty eco-friendly. With the DIY and eco-friendly wedding themes, people get the chance to invest in re-usable as well as eco-friendly items. It has become the perfect way of showing how one can implement eco-friendliness in daily life.

All of these wedding themes are very unique, and have been winning hearts since long!